UNI screens - Most of the screens to fairings can be replaced by this cost effective product. Add to this that some screens for older models is almost impossible to find, and for classisc need to be most of them adjusted according to requirements, are this screens necessity.

1. To adjust the screens you need :

a) Angle Grinder

b) vibrating sander or sandpaper grit 120

c) cutting discs, flap wheel, emery grit 180


2. Draw the desired shape of on the plexiglass with a pen (or pen used for dry wipe-off).


3. The angle grinder to deploy the blade. Start to progressively cut drawn shape.
Note: plexiglass cut at least 3 mm from the edge of the drawing, be careful only on the straight cuts from the cutting blade. It could be that you plexiglass will crack.


4. The angle grinder to deploy flap wheel. Progressively grind to a drawing shape. Flap wheel allows you to creep various shapes and bending. Note: Use a 80 grit flap wheel


5. After Flap wheels must be fine-tuning the Plexiglas. Finish by 120-grit emery Use the orbital sander or by hand. Always an angle of 90 ° to the shape of Plexiglas


6. At the end plexiglass tune emery grit 180 because after previous grinding resulting sharp edges. Those carefully grind and finish at 45 °.

What to watch out !!! :

  • Note: Be very careful to avoid scratch the plexiglass!!
  • If you somehow made a scratch, then we recommend to use special sanding / polishing paste on Plexiglas. We recommend test on small piece before start.
  • When drilling holes for mounting plexiglass to fairing be really careful, gently and with sensitivity!! Otherwise the screen can easily crack. Drilling is done using a "slightly blunt" iron drill! smaller diameter first, then carefully increase. (blunt so that your plexiglass doesn't crack)



We offer several types of universal plexiglass. A brief overview for an idea a suitable Use.


Description of screens :

  • Screens are 2 mm thick , not drilled and very flexible
  • Universal shape in 5 versions and 2 models (clear, smoke).
  • Version 1-4 a 5 version Hailwood - smooth contours without elevation of the middle and very flexible . Various radiuses.
  • Version 6-7 - smooth contour with the elevation of the middle (double bubble)


Vhodnost plexiskel :

  • version 1-2 flat screens suitable e.g. for Yamaha R-1, R-6., Honda CBR 1000RR 04-07, flyscreen for naked bikes etc.
  • version 3 suitable for the most models of motorcycle year to 2003 and small fairings Oldtimer.
  • version 4 suitable for the most of Oldtimer / Cafe racer
  • version 5 Hailwood suitable for Oldtimer /Classics - bigger radius then by version 4 - suitable e.g. for Honda Hailwood
  • version 6 suitable for further Supersports, Supermono, Supertwin classes, further fairings Moto 2 Suter etc.
  • version 7 suitable for some racing fairings GP 125, 250, 500cc + Kawasaki ER6 SuperTwin


Dimensions of each version (in cm) : (dimensions h=height, w=width, l= lenght, are only approximate due to flexibiliy of screens)


 version1version 2version 3version 4version 5version 6
 height 130 130 210 230    
 width 350 350 440 420    
 lenght 500 500 500 500    
 You can stretch eg. on            
 height  160 160 230 250    
 width 295 295 360 450    
 lenght 500 500 500 500    
preview of use version 1-2

To illustrate, here are some examples of use.

preview of use version 3
preview of use version 4
preview of use version 5 style Hailwood
preview of use version 5
preview of use version 7
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