Aprilia 125 RS SP Extrema

Presented in the Spring of '92 and sold from June, the RS 125 Extrema replaces the previous series AF1 reaches its peak with the Futura Pro Sports, presented just before the Extreme.

As we saw in the 90s with AF1 AF1 Futura Summary Sport and '90, '92 sees the coexistence of two different models in two series: first the Futura AF1 Sport Pro and other new series RS Extrema Autumn '92 also available in new color replica Reggiani. However, unlike the '90s when both the Sports Summary and future are presented in time to take part in the Sport Production championship, for the '92 season, only the Futura Pro Sports is submitted in time to be entered in the league. So while the future Pro Sport is marketed primarily to be sold to those who run sports league in production, the RS Extrema lives its first year of life only as a street bike.

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