We support the Czech CTU Lions racing team at the prestigious Moto Student race.

Motostudent results:

A total of 89 teams entered the Motostudent competition this season, of which 50 in the Electric category and 39 in the Petrol category.

In the first part of the competition, we submitted technical reports on an ongoing basis: Concept development, Pro duct design, Prototyping and testing, Innovation, Business plan. In the evaluation for the first three reports, we placed 35th, 8th for technical innovation and 17th overall out of a total of 45 active teams in the Electric category.

The second part of the competition - the final event took place on 15-18. 7. 2021 on the Motorland Aragón circuit. The event took place with minor changes due to the valid hygienic measures. This mainly concerned the presentation of the project to the commission. This year they ran in advance and online.

And how does the final part of the Motostudent competition actually take place? The prototype must first go through all the inspections and only after the commissioners acknowledge that everything is in order and the motorcycle complies with all the rules and may participate in dynamic disciplines. There are two mandatory inspections - static and dynamic. The commissioners first check that all dimensions and distances between the various parts of the motorcycle are suitable, then the motor is statically loaded with 250 kg on the seatpost and 300 kg at the front, they check the brakes and the electrical system of the motorcycle. The last optional test that our motorcycle was subjected to is the "rain test" - an insulation test in case of driving in the rain. The dynamic part of the check-in consists of a professional rider's ride, first on a small area and then directly on the track. They praised her!

We successfully passed the inspections and were able to continue in dynamic disciplines. These are: test of braking from a speed of 80 km / h, test of skill - gymkhán and test of acceleration to 150 m. Another evaluated discipline is the maximum speed at a given point on the circuit, measuring regularity - ie time in individual laps in a given place, qualifying position, fastest lap in the race and result in the race. Only 27 teams got into this part of the competition and we were among them. Overall, we placed 17th in this part of the competition, we finished 15th in the race.

In the overall evaluation for the project and dynamic part (Best Motostudent) we are in 12th place!

Watching in action 23.7.2021
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