Report : BVV Revival - Festival of Speed between pavilions 2020

On June 20, 2020, another year of the Brno Revival took place.

It was a miracle that, despite the covid19 measures, the whole event could eventually take place, albeit only in the open air between the pavilions.

Revival follows the original track between the pavilions at the Brno Exhibition Grounds, which was in slang called "Rohlík".

A depot and exhibition stands of exhibitors of sports cars and motorcycles were built on the open area in front of the pavilions.

Nine categories of cars and seven categories of motorcycles took the start again.

Our exhibition stand together with the project of the Honda CRX II.gen racing special were on site, even though compared to last year and the summer steamer this time the weather promised a real downpour. Unfortunately, that also happened, it rained hard all day, which caused lower attendance, but there was still a lot to see.

We also managed to shoot a shot for a motorcycle show and talk to visitors about our long history of the company on stage.

We hope that covid-19 will retreat soon and we will be able to meet again at similar events

Events 20.6.2020
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