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Ducati 748,916,996 95-03
Ducati 749,999 03-04
Ducati 749,999 05-06
Ducati 888 91-93
Ducati 750,900 SS 91-97
Ducati 750,900 SS 98-03
Ducati 998 2002
Ducati 1098,1198 08-11 (není pro 848)
Ducati Streetfighter 09-
Ducati Hypermotard all
Ducati Monster / S2,S4 all

Engine covers Motoforza -Right Side

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 These products consist of a transparent gelcoat and carbon fabric and resin used here is different than GRP parts. The components are lightweight and stronger than GRP. Weight reduction compared to GRP is about 30-50%. The parts are polished to a high gloss, for the carbon fiber to stand out. Note: (Engine covers, frame covers, swing arm covers - first layer Carbon (black fabric) + additional layers of Kevlar-Carbon). 

Why Carbon design? - For fans of Carbon. Low weight and hardness. In this embodiment, we place extreme emphasis on the surface and visible layer so as to stand out preferably carbon cloth. Suitable for showbikes. Highly polished. Parts also don’t need any paint. At the frame, swing-arm, engine and other small covers using multiple layers of carbon and Kevlar-Carbon achieved extreme hardness of the product.

Constancy of carbon is guaranteed. UV protected for non-fading and hi-gloss look - by all our Carbon, K-K and Titanium silver products.

Used material: 4-6-layers of carbon/kevlar fiber pressed-in under pressure.


Easy installation instead of Original cap.


Installation instructions, hints, tips for installation found here >>>

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