Type of the cover for the gluing:


1. Wash the engine first from impurities

2. Use the technical gasoline to degrease the surface of the engine, where the carbon cover will be attached (glued)

3. The technical gasoline to degrease the inside of the carbon cover

4. Without using glue, try to push the carbon cover on the motor cover. You must figure out how Carbon cap fits and how much glue will be needed.

5. evenly apply needed silicone glue (in terms of aesthetics we recommended black silicone) on the inside of the carbon cover. Usually, you just apply the silicone strip about 1 cm around the perimeter of the carbon cover and in the middle. It depends on the size of the cover, and how it fits on the engine 6. Push Carbon cover on engine and fix it properly. Some covers holds themselves and don’t need to be fixed, but some of the less deep (flatter covers) is needed to be fixed to the motor cover somehow. Usually tape.

7. After putting the cover on, its good to put silicon around the cover, between the cover and engine to seal, this will prevent the future ingress of water and dirt between them. Extra silicone should be removed.

8. Silicone should be allowed to harden. Ideally, the next day. It's not just about to stick the cover and immediately hit the road. It is certain that the guard will fall.

9. Follow the instructions for use on the silicone!

10. If you are not sure about your technical skills, take the covers to the professional service.

TIP: For gluing the cover, we recommend silicone adhesive in our offer here : (SILICON) or silocon glue SYKAFLEX, TERASON. It is also possible to use CHEMOPREN glue- Alkapren. Important, the glue needs to be temperature resistant, atleast 90 degrees Celsius.


About Motoforza covers

Why to use our engine covers?

  • In some competitions mandatory piece of motorcycle equipment.
  • Our covers are designed to cover a necessary parts of the motorcycle, not the entire engine. For the better engine cooling.
  • Multiple-piece covers of the right side of the motorcycle
  • The fall is not always damages both covers, if the cover is broken, it can be replaced individually which saves you time and money.
  • Very useful and effective protection of fragile and expensive engine parts. Applicable not only on circuits, but also on the roads. Despite the high protective function, low weight. Prevents cracking of aluminum or the magnesium original caps and don’t allow the penetration of dirt and stones to engine, crank or oil pump.
  • They are produced from several layers of carbon and Kevlar-carbon molded under pressure to remove air bubbles and excess resin. With this, we receive a high strength of the product.
  • In our offer, there are also available the mounting covers "Motoforza Race Tech". Easy removal and replacement after the fall of the motorcycle. Some models have an extra reinforced exposed places. The venting system for better engine cooling.
  • Guaranteed CARBON stability – we use special components for the surface of the carbon parts, to protect before UV and product "don’t going white" or change the colour - used in all our carbon products.


On picture 1, can be seen on the right side of the engine - "Pick up" cover, which did have any cover on it.

Photo on 2-3, you can see how the ignition cover protect them original lid in the fall.

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