Material and tools required for assembly :

- Silicone (either transparent aquarium bonding or black from our offer (SILICON) or others.
- Adhesive duck tape
- Clamps / Clipons
- Drill Ø3 - 12 mm
- Drill
- Sandpaper grit 80
- Marker, indelible
- Technic cleaner (technic gas)
- Clean cloth

Above all, before we start the installation is necessary to make sure that we are indeed those covers that are designed on the motorcycle. This prevents a lot of problems, because any modifications to the carbon parts are irreversible, or hard to repair


1. First you need is to dismantle all the parts and components from a motorcycle that prevent us from work involves fitting. After the dismantling, such as footrest and rear rollers to the rear rack mounts various fairing and brake hose holders, we can proceed to the mounting of carbon frame and swingarm covers.


2. As a first after the dismantling, take a carbon part and carefully attach on the frame or swingarm and check all the places, if it fits as it should. Recheck all the holes, which are attached to the necessary parts of the motorcycle and if we cover these holes covers and we want to have them (free, open), it is necessary to indicate them and before sticking drill and edge cut.


3. In many cases it is enough to indicate the hole by eye and the hole is required to estimate. Thus, it is possible to proceed if the opening is on the edge of the cover and this estimation is possible.


4. If it is a hole in the middle of the cover which are mainly in frame covers, you need to mark these holes on the frame by Vaseline or any color, that after the application covers the place are indicated (imprinted) on the back of the part and we drill them .

Then it needs to drill a hole with a little bit smaller drill, diameter of 3-4 mm and then enlarge the hole to the desired diameter in the direction you need.

Important. Holes must be large enough to steel rivet nuts that are in most frames, went inside, and the cover is pressed down to the frame itself (no gap), because otherwise the carbon cover could crack.


5. If we have all these holes finished and we are ready, we need the to clean and degrease the cover or swingarm and prepair for gluing.

After the last check whether everything really fits, sand the inside cover (roughen) with sand paper, for example. roughness 80, in locations where the silicone will be applied for the gluing.

6. These points determine in advance depending on where we need to achieve the greatest strength and most importantly, depending on where we have the most contact area.


7. Before the actual gluing covers, we must clean the sanded material from the cover inside and outside, degreased with technical benzene.


8. silicone is applied in points, which is applied mainly to the height to let silicon for better disperse. Do not too much, because a smaller quantity at multiple locations have a better hold and if we were forced to take off the covers sometimes, it will do better, despite the fact that when a really big amount is put on the cover, it can push out under the edges and we will be forced to a complicated cleaning.


9. After careful pressing and gluing the cover, we must locked it on the place. The best is migratory electrical tape or shrink courts with small clips or clamps. You can also use this procedure: the mounted foot rests must be putted back and braced something between the swingarm and footrest. As a last resort you can also use adhesive tape, which you can use for sticking the covers to the frame or swing arm.

During this operation, it sometimes necessary to improvise and help youself with anything, see braced tongs between the frame and the front shock absorbers.
In this state, it is necessary to persist for several hours, preferably overnight (see instructions on the tube of the silicone adhesive)

We wish you much success. Your team Motoforza

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