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Whether you have a classic at home, which you have painstakingly looked for or new cafe racer from construction boards, or you fancy custom in classical and oldtimer way, this category is just for you, even if you're not planning classics racing.

Within both branded and universal accessories you will find equipment for well-known brands, such as the MV Augusta, Norton or Suzuki, but you can find here also the rarities like Kovrovec (motorcycles manufactured in the Soviet city of Kovrov in the mid-60s).

Universal cap for the fueltank in oldtimer style here alternates with fenders and fairings for specific models of famous brands, you can buy here also plexiglass or seat.

So, for example, for clasics races, you will be ready in the fastest possible time - and thanks to the reliability of materials you will be safe as well. The rest depends on your driving skills.

By the way, if you would like for some reason to get rid of the custom design of your machine and restore its original condition, our replic spare parts and other accessories are available here.

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