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If you would like to embellish fairings there are different variants of choice, according to your desired result. Everyone has different requirements for the result: Every motorcycle used for other purposes. None of these options is not an accurate guide, it is a summary of the basic tips especially when painting.

Individual options include: Stickers, sticking pro foil, painting.


1. DECALS AND GRP - fiberglass:

- Cheapest option adjustments of fairings is their polishing, degreasing and subsequent sticking foil labels, decals. Available on the market as replicas of various design color factory bikes and teams, etc. Or simply invent and implement your own decals;)


- The second option is overlaid the parts fairing professional foil. On the market again available to a number of colors and designs.


- If you are looking for the prize and do not want to invest so much to paint, just the parts fairing degreased with acetone and spray must be sprayed. Of course, this is the cheapest option when choosing paint (full fairing into 2 layers take ca 1-3 cans). However, in this option will be visible on the parts all scratches and errors. Spraying not be so good and easier get to scrapes. After spraying be allowed to dry (NEVER temper the sprayed fiberglass fairings in the furnace to more than 25C. Threatens change the structure of materials and twisting parts)


- If you want to go so-called golden middle way, at the beginning grind joints and actually the whole fairing under water (sufficient eg underwater sand paper grid 400), if something brushed off or in the case needed use a putty, re-sand connections again, degrease and spray. Again, in this variant will the color more easiyl get scrapes comparison with a professional paint work. Let this dry (NEVER temper sprayed fiberglass fairingsin the furnace to more than 25C. Threatens change the structure of materials and twisting parts)


- Short description how to paint the parts correctly :

a) tried and previously installed parts on motorcycle grind coarsely, joints, errors and scratches.
b) use putty (if needed somewhere)
c) coarsely grind and then sanded connections on the whole fairing under water (use water sandpaper emery 400)
d) degrease
e) spray the filler
f) sand underwater already more subtle water sandpaper with grit 600 or 800
g) degrease by benzine (technical)
h) spray paint (two component!)
i) let it dry properly (NEVER temper sprayed fiberglass fairings in the furnace to more than 25C. Threatens change the structure of materials and twisting parts) j) if necessary stick by decals overpaint by clear varnish.
K) beware of scratches and install on your bike

This option is best for painting at home, but it take at least two days of work!

Remember, hasty of individual drying procedures, carrying out painting in inadequate conditions, cold, intense heat, etc., you risk that you will do all the work again.



- If you are unsure of your skills, rather take the parts to professionals prefer to leave the parts, you will pay more, but the result is worth it, and almost without work ;)

We always recommend first mount thr fairing on the bike and then to proceed to the painting! You will avoid unnecessary scratches and damaged parts that may arise during installation.

We wish you good luck. Your team Motoforza

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