Kawasaki Z 750 2007-2012Rear Fender (Hugger) Z750 2007-2012 (2003-2006) - PAINTED BLACK

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GRP - Coloured black %Sale -30%

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  • For model Kawasaki Z750 2007-2012 (NOT for model 2011 R, which has new swing arm
  • After small modification it can be used on model 2004-2006
  • This prevents the penetration of water and dirt to a central suspension unit and wiring.
  • We offer in several versions.
  • For original size of tyre Bridgestone BT 012 in 180/55 ZR 17 and Dunlop SportmaxQualifier 180/55 ZR 17

Materials / design

GRP - Coloured black

Composition - UV stable gelcoat - colored (black RAL 9005), fiberglass mat and fiberglass cloth impregnated with resin. In the stressed and susceptible places to break the parts are reinforced by Kevlar-Carbon or Coremat for the seats. Parts are flexible and have a smooth and polished surface. There is no need to paint!  
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Why GRP - colored fiberglass? - Nice polished parts, for those who want to save for the paint job if they fit accessory in black. After hitting with for example Gravel, the part remains black of the damaged place.


  • Fenders use the original mounting points. (Exceptions may fenders on certain models category "naked bikes").
  • When installing, ensure the correct drilling mounting holes and then tighten the screws with a flair for the right fender position.

Assembly :

- Remove the chain guard and the rear brake hose bracket.

- Place the hugger using the original screws and provided washers, without blocking the tightening. The provided spacer and screw are going on the hose bracket side. Check the hugger centring and block screws.

- Put the long plastic collar on the right front side of the hugger and press it to the swinging arm.

- Stick the self adhesive pad on the rear hugger, then fix the rear brake hose with the short plastic collar.

Installation instructions, hints, tips for installation found here >>>

Technical specifications

  • Fenders with only few exceptions are for the original tire size.
  • Our fenders are made from fiberglass (GFK), from several layers of mat and cloth saturated with high-quality resin => excellent rigidity and flexibility.
  • In-prone places reinforced with Kevlar-Carbon.
  • UV stable white gelcoat can be sanded under water, sprayed filler and sprayed with paint or sanded under water and sprayed in an emergency.

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