Yamaha, TZ 250,350 Cantilever, 78-82 / Screen for fairing Motoforza

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ID: PL-OY250C8|V
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Yamaha TZ 250,350 Cantilever 78-82

Color : Clear

Available in versions:

  1. Cutted = only cut into the shape of the fairing Motoforza Yamaha TZ 250,350 Cantilever 1978-82 (OY250C8-KCS)
  2. Pre-prepared = drilled, plexi cutted in the shape of fairing Motoforza Yamaha TZ 250,350 Cantilever 1978-82- (OY250C8-KCS)
    With pre-prepared screen we supply screen bolts with rubber counter part with threaded. 

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Just cutted screen into fairing, half fairing Motoforza.


Pre-prepared = drilled, cutted screen in the shape of the fairing Motoforza, incl. Screen Bolts with rubber counterparts with thread.

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