Screen for Half Fairing UNI 350-1000cc / BMW R80,90,100

Select a design

Cutted screen
Pre-prepared screen

Code: PL-UNIK350|V

Price without VAT: 66,12 

Code: PL-UNIK350|H

Price without VAT: 89,85 

Color : Clear

Available in versions:

  1. Cutted = only cut into the shape of the half fairing Motoforza (OU-K350)
  2. Pre-prepared = drilled, plexi cutted in the shape of half fairing Motoforza (OU-K350)
    With pre-prepared screen we supply screen bolts with rubber counter part with threaded. 

Materials / design

Cutted screen

Just cutted screen into fairing, half fairing Motoforza. Without screen bolts.

Pre-prepared screen

Pre-prepared screen = drilled, cutted screen in the shape of the fairing Motoforza, incl. Screen Bolts with rubber counterparts with thread.
(note: If you already have a drilled fairing, we recommend order a plexiglass cut and drill the holes according to the holes in the fairing)

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