Screen Windshield UNIVERSAL version 6 - Double Bubble Non cut

Non cut - clear

Code: PL-6DB|N

Price without VAT: 59,00 

  • Fits the 125, 250cc GP racers where the screens are poorly available.
  • For Supermono class and many more models.

Honda NSF 100 HR01 2005-
Honda RS 125 A-KIT 2003, 2004-
Ducati 900SS 1998-
KTM 125 GP FRR 08-11
Kawasaki ZX-9R 00-01(03)
Moto 3 Honda NSF 250R MR03 2012-
Moto 2 ICP, Suter MMX atd.

etc. etc.

  • Clear design
  • Attractive price
  • Screen is 2 mm thick - not drilled - smooth contours with elevation of the middle (doubble bubble) and very flexible
  • UNI - plexiglass - You can replace most of the plexiglass on the fairing by this (cost effective product)  price advantageous product.
  • Universal shape in five versions and two finishes (clear, light smoke).

Dimensions (cm) : (sizes are approximate due to the flexibility of plexiglass)

h=20-23 in the highest point. (2nd bubble has in highest point approx 11cm)  w=44  l=47-50

h=22  w=37  l=47-50

note: Height of the cut screen is different , depends on the shape of the fairing upper part !
Could be 12-14cm, but not always. 

Materials / design

Non cut - clear

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