What to avoid when assembling and painting

Here are tips and advice on what to avoid when handling fiberglass tanks, and the tanks to prevent irreversible damage.

- Threads aluminum (aluminum alloy) and caps counterparts (particularly UNI caps) must be treated with oil to prevent the seizing. (Prepared from Motoforza when buying)

- Corks not be tightened strongly, otherwise it may cause a jam of tank cap! Ensures tightness "O-ring".

- When handling the tank (assembly, installation etc.) DO NOT shock petrol taps (taps act as a lever and while their counterparts in laminated reservoir quality materials could be partially breaking / loosening and leakage of the tank and fuel spillage)

- Before the varnish is necessary precisely to separate the tank, spray the base color (Filer), LIGHTLY sanded under water and spray paint.

- After ride, we recommend draining the fuel, this will increase the life of the tank. (today's fuels are highly aggressive)

INFO ABOUT tanks Motoforza

Tank we supply:

  • Standard in white gel-coat
  • The venting
  • With petrol drains for petrol taps
  • With hooks for attaching the tank
  • With the cap:
    a) UNIVERSAL - included in tanks - preview here :  (UZ-O)

    b) For an edxtra charge 30,-Eur deliver this tank with an attractive cap "MONZA". Preview here: (UZ-OMZA) (please specify in the note when buying)
    The extra cost will be added by our stuff by 2/3 confirmation of order.

    c) At your request we are laminated into the tank your supplied cap. (Please specify in the note when buying)
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