UNIVERSAL Foam seat 400x250x12 Oldtimer

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  • 400x250x12
  • Fits on Oldtimer seats.
  • This is a high density foam u
  • sed in conjunction with our Seat closed or GFK polster (seat base) or an anti-vibration support for racing instruments.
  • Due to this "sticky" material you can corner harder - you'd slide off a stock seat.

Installation or Technical Notes :

  • Excellent flexibility to absorb vibrations.
  • High density (closed cellular structure)
  • Preinstalled glue
  • Resistant to oils and tear,low water absorption.
  • The Installaton guide is to be found in the Technic section - Installation Guide

MOTOFORZA Recommendations :

  • Don't be afraid to be creative either! You can cut the seat foam to any shape with some patience!
  • To work the foam sheets and obtain excellent finish you just need a hacksaw with a thin stiff blade, a cutter, some sandpaper of different grains.
  • You can also double up the foam to provide a bit more cushioning.
  • You can use the roll of seat foam as a seat support as well.
  • A racing tail section may crack under the weight of a rider without a support underneath.
  • You can roll some of the seat foam and stuff it under the tail section as a support before installation.


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