Aprilia, 125 RS SP Extrema, 1995-1998 / Upper part street - small ver.1 - SALE 30%


Aprilia, 125 RS SP Extrema: 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998

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ID: A0E-1SM95-98S2|G
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Aprilia 125 RS SP Extrema 1995-1998

DISCOUNT 40% - last piece

  1. Upper part with headlight hole(s).
  • High quality durable product proved by the best riders and teams.
  • Flexible for easy installation.
  • Kevlar-carbon reinforced mounting areas to provide exceptional strength.
  • Finish is smooth, pin-hole free.
  • Our fairings have a white gel-coat that can be sanded, primed and painted or sanded and painted immediately, in an emergency.
  • Our fairings use stock mounting points and most parts have drilling points clearly indicated on the fairing.
  • Our fairings are lighter and easier to installation than stock ABS parts and therefore increasing performance.
  • 99% of our upper parts can be used with OEM screens.

Installation or Technical Notes :

  • 6 Quick Fasteners are required to connect the Upper part to Side parts.

Carbon or Kevlar-Carbon finish :

  • Constancy of carbon is guaranteed. UV protected for non-fading and hi-gloss look - by all our carbon products.

MOTOFORZA Recommendations :

  • Quick Fasteners with D-Ring for easy and quick installation or uninstallation.
  • Double height racing screens for better image and increasement of rider's comfort.

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GRP - Fiberglass

Basic and cheapest version is GFK fiberglass. Thanks to the precision of employees in handmade production and the emphasis on the quality of these products, they have perfect flexibility, durability and low weight. Composition - UV stable white gelcoat (not paint), fiberglass mat and fiberglass cloth impregnated with resin. In the stressed and susceptible places to break the parts are reinforced by Kevlar-Carbon layers as needed, or Coremat for the seats. Parts are flexible and have a smooth surface. Are made for painting.

Why GFK- fiberglass? For example those who want to put fairings on for the circuit at low cost. Or inexpensively replace a precious piece (broken) original.

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