The company Motoforza has been making motorcycle fairings since the 70's. Since 1991 it is specializing only on the finest production of motorcycle fairings and accessories. According to long-term experiences with materials and the use of the newest technology in processing of composite materials high quality products have risen up and are competitive with other world producers. We work exclusively with materials of foreign companies using the latest technology in the processing of composite materials. For the production we use only the best quality materials from Finland, France and USA companies. The products are made of fiberglass material (GFK), Carbon or Kevlar-Carbon, Titanium Silver.

GRP - Fibreglass parts:

2nd widest range of fiberglass parts in the world. Parts for more than 330 models of motorcycles.

  • Fairings are made in the molds with handmade method from polyester resin
  • high quality and durability products are made, proved by the best riders and teams throughout the world.
  • Fairings are made in several design options unlike our competition (3-7 piece complete sets)
  • Kevlar-carbon reinforced mounting points provide exceptional strength.
  • Flexible for easy installation.
  • Our parts have a white gel-coat that which can be sanded, primed and painted or sanded or painted immediately, in an emergency situation.
  • Our fairings use original mounting points and most parts have drilling points clearly indicated on the fairing.
  • Our fairings are lighter and easier to install than stock ABS parts and therefore increasing performance.
  • Finish is smooth, undrilled. 99% of our upper parts can be used with OEM screens.
  • Expecially racing seats have Coremat reinforcement from the bottom for better toughness and durability.
  • On selected closed seats we offer "seat support" which fit directly between the subframe and seat for greater stability and seat durability.

Carbon, Kevlar-Carbon, Titanium Silver finish

  • Constancy of carbon is guaranteed. UV protected for non-fading and hi-gloss look (by all our carbon products)
  • Hand polished to gloss look.
  • Kevlar-carbon reinforced mounting areas to provide exceptional strength.

Oldtimer a Cafe Racer:

A wide range of fairings, seats, fueltanks, fenders and accessories.

  • Fairings are made in the molds with handmade method from polyester resin
  • They are made of multiple layers than classic racing GFK parts and without Carbon-Kevlar reinforcements to reflect time period conditions.
  • They have a white gel-coat that can be sanded, primed and painted or sanded and painted immediately, in an emergency situations.
  • Specialty of the market are parts made of Kevlar-Carbon, Carbon, Performance design especially Cafer Racer.

Naked Bikes - Streetfighter:

The offer also includes the following components in various designs.

  • Bellypans, mounting kits and rubber bushings.
  • Flyscreens and Masks
  • Rear Hugger and Front fenders (mudguards)
  • Radiator covers, Engine covers etc.

  • Product range is constantly expanding.

Airducts and airboxes

  • It improves the intake of air into the engine by 20-30%, which adds about 2-3 horse power.
  • SBK race design (by most of models)
  • Air ducts and Air boxes are much cheaper replacement for the original parts
  • Made of one piece (*), which makes it easy to install and uninstall, even during races.

Carbon version has a significant weight reduction compared to the original parts and improves the aesthetic appearance of a motorcycle.

(*) Excluding Airbox sets..

Engine covers :

The widest range of engine covers in the world. Exclusive quality.

  • Clutch, Ignition, Pick up, Starter covers are made only from carbon and few layers of kevlar-carbon.
  • They are pressed under pressure to remove air bubbles and redundent resin. By this a good toughness of product is achieved.
  • Hand polished to high-gloss look.

Why use engine covers MOTOFORZA ?

  • Covers MOTOFORZA cover only essential parts of the engine, they are installed separately,so they don’t overheat the engine as is with whole-covers of engine.They can be purchased separately and easily replaced after the fall of the desired cover.
  • Its high-quality protection of bike saves you a lot of money. Very useful and effective protection for the breakable and expensive parts of engine. Applicable not only on circuits, but also on the road. 
  • High protection trough low weight.
  • It inhibits from breaking aluminium or magnesium original caps and forbids penetration of dirt and stones to engine, crank or oil pump.
  • Improve the aesthetic appearance of a motorcycle.
  • Constancy of carbon is guaranteed - by using right materials carbon doesn't react to UV and the product doesn't get white. We use this process on all our carbon products.

Frame and swing-arm covers :

are hand made from several layers.

  • Protection against scratches of motorcycle crash, or the handling of the bike.
  • It improves the aesthetics of the motorcycle. It often prevents from very hard repairable scratches on the frame
  • Lightweight, Kevlar-carbon reinforcements. Hand polished to a high gloss.
  • Unlike competitors, we also offer parts in black colored laminate (which doesn’t need to be painted)
  • Constancy of carbon is guaranteed - by using right materials carbon doesn't react to UV and the product doesn't get white. We use this process on all our carbon products.

Front Brackets (Front stays) : 

  • Serves as a tachometer holder as well as an upper part holder (especially for racing use)
  • Its cca about 30-50% cheaper than original front bracket.
  • They are made from aluminium alloy and the surface is adjusted by black paint.
  • Due to quick fasteners, there is very simple and faster installation and uninstallation of upper part.
  • Preinstalled counter parts of Quick fasteners.
  • Set includes Quick fasteners with counterpart and rubber bushings for tachometer.

Other Accessories

- The Company offers other accessories such as:

  • Brackets, Rear subframes, Screens, Rearsets, Screws, Lights, Handlebars, Tank caps, Foams, Thermo foils and more.

The services include :

Painting of parts, installation of projectors, mounting fairings. Minor adjustments for the customers.

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