CZ 250 Junior 1969-70

Driver: Petr Kucharik
Class / Season: MMSR vintage, CAMS, MCR klasik, Alpe Adria 2020-2021

MMSR vintage road racing 2021 1th place / 2020 2nd place
CAMS klasik 250 2021 2nd place
MCR klasik 250  2021 1-2 place /  2020 1th place
Alpe Adria vintage 250  2021 1th place


The factory motorcycle with which Jean Michel Hervé rode 24 hours in Bold´Or. He placed in the category in 3rd place. The motorcycle was ridden in 1971 and then rode the French championship for another 3 years. Subsequently, it was modified a lot and then sold out. After 2 years of effort and searching, we managed to put most of the machine as M. Hervé rode it together. 4 factory pieces were made.

This differs from the other 3 in several details due to the fact that he spent his life abroad from the beginning. B. Stasa, K. Bojer, J. Král and others rode a motorcycle with us.


Motorcycles: MBS 125cc / MBS 250cc
Class / Season: MS, MCSSR,
Best results: 20 time champion CZ
Brno 71-2nd.CZ 350
Brno 69-3th. CZ 500
Clasification WS:
1967 - 18th place (CZ 350cc)
1968 - 8th place (CZ 350cc), 21th place (CZ 500cc)
1969 - 8th place (CZ 350cc), 23th place (CZ 500cc)
1971 - 18th place (CZ 350cc)
1973 - 33th place (Yamaha 500cc)

Long-term cooperation with the legend of motorsport. They are such. Genuine MBS 125cc, 250cc MBS.
Further cooperation on rare project Jawa 350 4-cylinder (sample GRP fairings photo ID 3-4)

Karel Hanika Sen.

Motorcycles: CZ 125 OHC, Maico-Gemini, MZ 125, MBA 125, Yamaha 250 Bartol, Suzuki RG500
Class / Season: CZ Championship 125, 250, 500cc, SBK / v 80s and 90s
Best results: Hanika took points in European Championship i Brno in 125cc.

Hanika started on the machine CZ 125 OHC, then ridden Maico in the adaptation of Gemini Zdenek Zidlik. 125 MBA in 80-82 years the team Jaroslav Gryc and MZ 125cc (start No. 2).
In 1990 Hanika ridden a Yamaha 250 Bartol, 1987, which was specially modified engine directly from Mr. Bartol, further reinforced frame and a new fairing design by Zdenek Sykora Sen. founder Motoforza where they came from modern design model MBA (start No. 18).
It is worth mentioning that Hanika spent time behind handlebars also on a Suzuki RG500 machine.

Zdenek Paznocht #65

Team: RABA Motosport Ostrava
Motorcycle: Aermacchi 350cc
Class / Season: Europe Oldtimer cup to 500cc / Cup CR Classic 350cc
Best results:

2011 European Classic Championship - 1th place
2010 European Classic Championship - 1th place



Vratislav Hromadko

Team: Vrata Hromadko
Motorcycle: CZ 500cc type 860 V4, 1968-69
Class / Season: European Championship 500cc

Vratislav runs the national Czech Championships since the turn of 80 and 90 years old. Earlier particular motorcycle Jawa 350 OHC 1959-1961. Today participant European Championship on a rare, legendary CZ 500cc machine. CZ 500cc based on 350 1965 design is the work of Ing. Frantisek Pudil, who gave shape to this machine. The CZ 500 V4 Bohumil Stasa managed to get 2nd place in the Grand Prix in Brno in 1972 behind the winner Jarno Saarinenen on Yamaha. Although the Government has ordered the destruction of these machines, several spare factory parts was with luck hidden and few machines was built and thanks to precision work and care is substantially better than the original factory version.

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