Indi Racing Team 2019

Pilots: Michal Indi Dokoupil #23
Veronika Hankocyova #53
Josef Klusacek #87
Motorcycle: Kawasaki ER6 twin, Yamaha YZF R6 2016
Class: TT - Isle of Man, Manx GP, CAMS,  AČR
Season: 2019


Paul Wardell - MANX GP

Team: Bee Racing Team - #23
Motorcycle: Kawasaki ER6 twin
Class : Twins Manx GP,
Results: 7th place on Manx GP
Seasons with Motoforza 2019-

Paul Wardel cooments : I’m an independent rider with no mechanical support or team, so it felt like an achievement to compete against some of the bigger teams.
I have raced in the 650 Minitwin (Stocktwin) class between 2009 and 2018 with a variety of British clubs. 

Minitwins championship:
 Our total points score for 2018 made us the third highest scoring team in the whole club (23 championships and 647 point-scoring riders) with the second highest scoring rate.

Josh Day                             957 after 43 races           (ave 22.25 points per race)
James McHardy                764 after 44 races            (ave 17.4 points per race)
Paul Wardell                      759 after 37 races            (ave 20.5 points per race)

​Manx GP 2019 - From a starting position of 22nd I competed in two races and finished in 8th and 7th with average lap speeds of 108mph. The bike managed a top speed of 140 mph, which is partly due to the aerodynamic shape of the bodywork. We finished with second place overall.

Motopoint Racing Team Twin

Pilot: Michal Indi Dokoupil #23
Motorcycle: Kawasaki ER6 twin
Class: TT - Isle of Man, CAMS,  ACR
Season: 2016

David Hanzalik "Predator"

Team: David Hanzalik 
Motorbike: Kawasaki ZX6R 09, ER6 twin
Class : ACR / Cams - Supertwin, to 600cc, over 600cc
Results: 2018 1th Place twin, 2019 2nd Place 600cc 
Seasons with Motoforza: 2017,2018,2019

Marek Nemecek

Team: Marek Nemecek
Motorcycle: Kawasaki ER6 twin
Class: ACR / Cams - Supertwin, Supermono
Support by Motoforza: 2015- to the present

Dan Vyslouzil

Team: Dan Vyslouzil
Motorcycle: Suzuki VS 650
Class / Season: CAMS TWIN 2016
Results: CAMS overall 1th place in Championship

David Hanzalik Predator

Team: David Hanzalik "Predator"
Motorcycle: Suzuki SV 650, Ducat 796i Monster
Class / Season: CAMS TWIN 2016
Results: overall 3th place in Championship


Cup: Supertwin Cup CZ
Motorcycles V-twin: Ducati 796 Monster,
Kawasaki ER6,
Hysoung GT 650,
Honda GT 650 Hawk,
Yamaha MT 07,
Suzuki SFV 650 Gladius,
Suzuki SV 650
Class: 2-cylinder motorcycles to 650 cc
Motoforza support since 2012 till now

In the Czech Republic in progress from 2012 titled Supertwin class (V-Twin) stated for a two-cylinder motorcycles up to 650cc. Following the example of other countries we have the chance to compete for a relatively reasonable money. With this idea came Michal INDI Dokoupil, who was amazed about TWINS during his tenure in the British Isles. At the turn of the year 2011/12, when was organizing of this class in its infancy, and the realization was sometimes very far away, we said clearly, "Yes, we want to be there again, if there arises a new class and more opportunity for bikers how to race." Similarly at year 2006, when C.E.C. competitions have started.
After negotiations with representatives of the CSMS Motoforza has participated in this event as a sponsor in 2012 and today continues to support riders logged into this class with significant discounts to GRP fiberglass fairings up to -30% + discounts on other accessories with the first purchase.

In subsequent years, you can enjoy our support again. We staying in the racing with you !!! For newbies pays up to 30% off. For the future purchases we will support riders with 25% discount on the GRP parts and 10% for the carbon products.

For those few seasons we have gradually added to the first fairing for Suzuki SV 650 03-12 a wide range of parts suitable for other bikes in this class.
For example Yamaha MT 07, Suzuki SFV 650 Gladius, Hysoung GT650, Honda NT 650 Hawk, and of course the Kawasaki ER 6, which we have devoted special care, created for INDI and team Motopoint brand new supertwin design already in 2 generations, which is undoubtedly the most beautiful motorcycle fairing in this class in the world and attracts attention also in the the Isle of Man TT. This fairing can of course be purchased at our shop.

Given the free hand of editing ability to the motorcycle tune up the fairings from other models. All our wide offer is at your service and imagination has no limits :)


Cup: Supertwin Cup DE
Motorcycles V-twin: Ducati 796 Monster,
Kawasaki ER6,
Hysoung GT 650,
Honda GT 650 Hawk,
Yamaha MT 07,
Suzuki SFV 650 Gladius,
Suzuki SV 650
Class: 2-cylinder motorcycles to 650 cc
Motoforza support since 2013 till now
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