Why to shop at Motoforza?

- Our products are shipped worldwide and are used and tested under demanding conditions in the most prestigious races, including Moto GP series.
- The parts are tested on motorcycles in 2 phases (1. before forming the product model and 2. testing the finished product on a motorcycle) and then letting go into production + permanent quality innovation.
- TOP quality products on a global scale
- affordable price
- Short delivery times
- Wide and ever-expanding range
- Simple order and communication when purchasing with a modern web in 3 languages.
- Experience, friendliness and helpfulness of our staff

Delivery times ?

- GRP white - in stock or usually in 1-14 days
- GRP coloured (black) polished - usually in 5-28 days
- GRP Racing - usually in 7-14 days
- Performance - usually in 10-14 days
- Carbon engine covers - usually in 3-10 weeks (depends also on type of model and time of order (Jan-August is full season)
- Carbon frame and swing arm covers usually in 3-10 weeks  (depends also on type of model and time of order (Jan-August is full season)
- Carbon big or difficult parts usually in 3-12 weeks days (depends also on type of model and time of order (Jan-August is full season)
- Other accessories 1-14 days (in stock or normally in the times in the product description)

All our parts are specialized handmade!

How do I pay for an order?

By bank transfer, credit card or Paypal (more about payments here: >>>)

What the abbreviations of products design mean?

GFK => fiberglass with white gelcoat
GFK coloured - black polished => polished fiberglass with a black gelcoat (does not need to be painted)
GFK racing => special lightweight fiberglass version with white gelcoat
Performance => special lightweight Kevlar-Carbon inside version with white gelcoat
Carbon => Carbon fiber, surface high gloss resin (does not need to be painted)
Kevlar-Carbon => Kevlar-Carbon fiber, surface high gloss resin (does not need to be painted)
Titanium Silver => Texalium fiber, surface high gloss resin (does not need to be painted)

More details of each part in the Material types tab
All our parts are specialized handmade!


What is the difference between materials Kevlar Carbon and Carbon?

- Descriptions of the various versions of the product materials can be found in the detail of the part.
- If the specified Carbon - on the product is applied to the first Carbon layer and then other layers => classic Carbon look.
- If indicated Kevlar-Carbon - the first layer is a Carbon-Kevlar
- Kevlar is interwoven Carbone => part is yellow and black. Both versions have the same composition of other layers and same rigidity, quality and functionality. It is just swapping these layers from the aesthetic point of view.

Quality and technic

Can I expect a quality product ?

- Motoforza is among the leaders in the manufacture of fiberglass fairings on a global scale. Parts are used used by racing teams in Moto GP and other series. Parts are exported abroad in large numbers.
Motoforza hasn’t got more types of quality as some competitors, and certainly does not sell parts below cost as other manufacturers, parts are popular due to their workmanship quality.

Is it possible to have the fairings installed?

Yes, it is possible if you delivery the bike to us. In this case, contact us in advance.

What includes a complete set?

- A precise description of what features a complete set can always be found in the description part "complete set" of the motorcycle model.
(usually Upper, lower, seat or more pieces sets such as upper small, side parts, oil sump, seat)

Is there any installation guide how to proceed when mounting Motoforza fairings and accessories?

- Yes, we have instructions available for our customers. Furthermore, on the phone and in the section "Technic"


I did not find parts for my bike on the Web, does it mean that you do not have them?

- Yes, if the parts are not included in the "preparation" it means that we don’t have the parts of the menu and we are not planning their inclusion. ***** exception may be Supersport news and other new models, where we can consider whether or not to include the range of products.

- Anyway try at first to fill the demanded part in full text
- Tip: Sometimes you can choose similar products or parts from another model, which can also be used.
- If its unsuccessful, contact us.

Purchase and registration

How can I shop ?

- Select the language of the site on top right, After completing registration, which takes only a few minutes, login using the login name and password in the upper right corner.
- Parts are sorted according categories "Sport - Fairing, Oldtimer, GP 125.250 .... Naked bikes, Others . as WELL as by models and types and year. 
- Paste individual parts to cart, after you select the type of material, from which you require the part to be and click "Buy" in the detail.. After finishing the order ffollow the steps in the "Shopping Cart".

- You can check also step by step overview "all about shopping".

Shipping costs?

The total price for parts including shipping will be shown during shopping procedures in cart, you can easilly inspected before purchasing in step 1 and 2.

- Note: - If the system doesn’t count up the total price incl. shipping (especially for larger orders) please wait for confirmation and contact our staff. This exception is in the interest of setting the lowest possible postage rates. If needed we will choose another type of transport depending on the quantity of ordered goods. In exceptional cases where the volume of goods must be wrapped in several boxes for the shipment, or the nature of the goods requires extra care, the price of postage can increase. You will be immediately informed about this change after confirmation by our staff.

 - Approximate price for transport you can find in this overview >>>

Why is it better to register?

- Your orders will be processed faster and with priority.
- You have a current overview of the ordered goods.
- We can avoid mistakes and delayed orders. No more undelivered emails.
- Registration only takes a few minutes!
- We prepare registered benefits, discounts and competitions.

Won’t my personal information be misused?

- All the information you tell us when ordering will not be provided to third parties and disseminated in any way.
Will be used solely for the purpose of communicating orders.

Is it possible to set up a merchant account and become a partner of Motoforza and agree on collaboration

- Yes, contact us!

Is it possible to produce parts on demand

- If it is a production of only one piece without masterpiece and profitable of moulds are not guaranteed, so unfortunately not.
- If demand of more pieces, or cashing forms it depends on the agreement and conditions. Contact Us!

How should I pay for the order?

Bank transfer or Credit card or PayPal,     (*Cash on delivery CZ and SK only)

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