PBS Rivale GP SP2

Brand: PBS Rivale GP SP2
Engine: 160cc
Parts: Complete fairings Motoforza
Year: 2024
Web: www.mv69.cz

The new project 2023/24 is finished.

We are honored to be part of the new MINI GP model - PBS Rivale GP SP2, together with Motor Village 69 (CZ) and PBS Pitbikeshop (IT) in the form of our own fairing design for this Italian-Czech machine. We presented this project 1.3.24 at the Motosalon exhibition in Brno. 

We believe that in this way we will support a number of not only young talents not only in the Czech Republic in their sports careers.
Your Motoforza Team - With us you ride better ! ????

KTM RC8C Limited

Brand: KTM RC8C
Engine: Duke 890R, 94kw
Parts: Complete fairings Motoforza
Year: 2021-2024

We proudly present our TOP project of 2021. We manufacture and supply fairings for this new beauty KTM RC8C.

We are very happy for the trust and satisfaction of factories such as KTM and Krämer Motorcycles with our products, as evidenced by several other projects in the series.
Our cooperation with KTM started with its predecessor, the namesake, the superbike KTM RC8 in 2008. Since then, we have prepared parts for 9 models. This is the 10th jubilee. Just on our 30th anniversary since the founding of the company.

We like challenges. Thanks to projects such as this, we are improving the quality of our products higher and the same quality parts we supply to you, our customers!

Your Motoforza team

KTM 636 790 890R Duke

Brand: KTM
For models: 636 Duke, 790 Duke, 890R Duke
Parts: Racing Kit
Year: 2020 

Another series of projects with the factory KTM in Mattighofen, Austria. We officially supply a racing KIT for this new model.

KMC - KTM - MOTO 2 - GP2-R

Team: KMC - Krämer Motorcycle
Motorcycle: HKR Moto2 - GP2 R
Year 2019-
Engine KTM 890cc inline 2-cyl 2020
Web: www.kraemer-motorcycles.com

The GP2-R - or the next level and the logical expansion of the Krämer Motorcycles portfolio. Like the strong "HKR EVO2" single, the two-cylinder model was developed and built exclusively for use on the racetrack. Comparable is the radical but still tuned motorcycle with a "Moto 2" GP bike. With 130 hp and 100 Nm of torque and a weight of only 140 kg, the GP2R stands for spectacular driving dynamics without overwhelming the driver. Ideal for the most intense enjoyment on the racetrack
- and for hunting lap times!



Model:  Honda CRX II. gen 1989-1991, ED9
Pilot:  Zdenek Sykora
Engine:  1,6L VTEC 1991 , upravený 200HP/ 1,8L VTEC KILLER - 230HP
Weight:  840Kg
Season/ Class:  2019,2021 / Carbonia CUP, SOP - A7 2000cc
Project introduction:  2019


Higher level GT AERO of our special race car Honda CRX.
This original CRX construction equipped with premium and original components is accompanied by a passion for motorsport and a boundless will to create something original, special.

Motoforza has prepared a whole bodykit in the TOP "Performance" (Kevlar-Carbon) design, which you can also order from a whole range of our products. The whole bodykit is unique and the only one of its kind in the world !
It consists of front and rear spoilers, front and rear extended fenders, rear panel, side skirts. All is completed with carbon parts such as the lower floor, inner tunnel and dashboard, floor under the pedals, mirrors, airbox for direct intake.

The team starts in the Carbonia Cup series in the A7 class of specially modified cars up to 2000cc, in 2021 took 2nd place overall in the championship and also tested the home race of the Histo Cup in Brno.


Motorcycle: Jawa 350 OHC Special
Web: jawa.eu
Presentation of project : 2017/2018


Our Company has been selected to participate in this project and is pleased that in the past, such a resounding Jawa has once again come to life on the world stage.

The JAWA 350cc range of motorcycles are our traditional motorcycles and are produced in three basic forms.

JAWA 350/634 Retro – built as a replica of the JAWA type 634 motorcycle, which was mass produced in the 70´s and 80´s of the last century.

Although JAWA 350 series 640 motorcycles are not intended for sales in EU countries, the motorcycles are successfully exported mainly to the countries of Central America, United Kingdom and Russia.

Due to different legal systems in various countries exact specification may vary from one country to another.

All JAWA 350cc motorcycles can be supplied with modifications including electric start and separate oil lubrication as shown below:

DE TO MASO PANTERA GTS 1974 - Motoforza design

Owner: Zdenek Sykora sen.
Engine: Bennett racing 427P, 7,2L - 720HP
Build: 2000-2017
Design adjustments Motoforza - Zdenek Sykora sen.

Vůz s historíí, několikrát účast EECE Homo- Šternberk závodů do vrchu v letech 1979-1980, výsledky v první třetině startovního pole, které čítalo přes 130 jezdců mezi fomulemi 2, GT vozy "placky" atd.  

Unikátní stavba po kompletní renovaci, unikátní designové úpravy z dílny Motoforza. Tento ojedinělý design Motoforza mezi Panterami vyniká 2x2- pevnými světlomety, předním spoilerem s carbon lyžinou, odlehčené šípovité zadní křídlo GTS, originálními náběhy a výdechy na stranách vozu a dveřích, výdechy na kapotě, celkové rozšířenou karoserií, zadní plexi kufru na zakázku, výfuky na zakázku.
Jedná se tedy o jedinečnou úpravu Pantery GTS na světě- sběratelský kousek. 

Top komponenty jako Bennet racing 427P/R  7,0L 720HP,  Willwood, Racing chladič,  7-vrstvý lak (červeno-rudá metalíza), Barva interiéru - kávová kůže.


Model: Honda CRX II. gen 1989-1991, ED9
Pilot: Zdenek Sykora
Engine: 1,6L VTEC  1991, 200HP
Season/ Class:  2017 / Carbonia CUP, SOP - 1600cc



The CRX racing project was created for several years, at first only as a boy's dream, but thanks to the unwavering will, it slowly but surely became a reality.
Equipped with premium and original components, this original CRX building is accompanied by a passion for motorsport and a boundless will to create something original, special.
We aim to gain valuable experience on European circuits in the class up to 1600cc with the highest ambitions. In addition to each other also stronger and newer cars. The 2017 season, where we started regularly in the SOP and in the middle of the Carbonia cup races, is successfully over.
For the SFORZA RACING team: After a break and a complete overhaul of the car in 2018, we want to start in the 2019 season regularly in various companies. Like Carbonia Cup, SOP, Histocup, Brno Revival - festival of speed between pavilions, car present at the spring and autumn Motortechna. Maybe there will also be a race to the top, we will see what the calendar of 2019 races will be, so that I can see as many of us as possible. Keep your fingers crossed!

Motoforza has prepared a mix of Carbon and Kevlar Carbon Performance parts. Front and rear spoiler, side skirts with spoilers, carbon upper window with airduct, carbon hood, carbon tunnel and dashboard, which are the only ones of its kind in the world.



 Karel Hanika
 Matej Smrz 
 Jakub Smrz
 Sylvain Barrier

Motorcycle:  BMW S1000RR 2015-2018
Class / Season:  EWC Superbike 2017-2018
Web:  www.IVRBMWCSEU.cz



Continuation of cooperation in the EWC World Endurance Championship with the IVRacing team.

Testing of our parts in GRP-fiberglass, Performance in the toughest racing conditions.


Class: V-twin - 2-cylinder motorcycle to 650cc
Lightweight TT - Isle of Man
For Motorcycle: Kawasaki ER6 2012 (2006-2012)
Class / Season: Supertwin 2016


BMW S1000RR 2016 EWC

Pilots:  Lukas Pesek
 Martin Choy
 Roland Resch
Motorcycle:  BMW S1000RR 2015-2016
Class / Season:  EWC Championship 2016
web:  www.BMWIVRCSEU.cz


Entry into the World Endurance Championship EWC with the IVRacing team.

Testing of our parts in GRP-fiberglass, Performance in the toughest racing conditions.

The project was presented at the Motosalon 2016 exhibition in Brno


Motorcycle: Kawasaki ZRX 1200R
Owner: Ladislav Skoda 
Where you could see the bike? EICMA 2015, Motosalon 2016, Industrila Fair Brno 
More info:  todocirciuito, rocketgarage
Project introduction: 2015



Exclusive build Kawasaki ZRX1200R leading industrial designer Ladislav Skoda, which combines the idea of the spirit of old school 80s with a new form of high-tech technologies. The result is a ZXR1200R - motorbike that its design deliberately avoids a little, wave of popular Cafe Racer. Curvaceous design, the motorcycle equipped with premium components. Our company has contributed to the production of special fiberglass tank and carbon front fender. Laďa performed a precise job, the bike has his heart! We hope that Laďa left with only one conversion.

Sidecar Yamaha OW32/34 1978

Team: Medek Racing Team
Motorcycel: Suzuki GS1000 , fairing Yamaha OW32/34 78 Motoforza
Class / Season: Sidecar ME 2014/2015
Best results: ME 1th place overall 2015,
JPHZM CR 2nd place Horice 2014
Pilots: Miroslav Medek born 15.11 1976
co-driver: Odrej Kopecky
subsitute co-driver Lukas Petrla


Yamaha Sidecar 1978 with Suzuki GS engine. Swiss chassis built for the World Championship.

Motoforza: We made the fairing from ultra-light KK Performance, where we managed the incredible weight reduction of about 35 kg compared to the original original fairing.
The crew plans to attend the 2016 German Championships and attend the legendary race at the TT on the Isle of Man.

KMC - HKR Supermono EVO2

Team: KMC - Kramer Motorcycle
Motorcycle: HKR Supermono Evo 2
Egine: KTM 690CC MY 2020
Best results: 1.st in Chamionship - Won all races
 Class / Season: TNT Cup / 2015


KTM 690 Duke, 1290 Superduke, RC 390

to Motorcycle: KTM
for Models: RC 390, Duke 690, Superduke 1290
Class / Season: RC390  cup, Duke 690 Junior cup, Superduke cup / 2012-2014


After the projects with the factory KTM on RC8 and on RC8 model / R Track Edition, we participated in other models and pieces for Cup racing.
It was for example. A 690 KTM Junior Cup, KTM RC 390 cup.
Of the components are:
- Duke 690 racing second piece mask, closed lower part incl. thermo foil , shark fin
- Superduke 1290 again, 2-piece racing mask, cowling of seat and seat GFK Polster.
- RC390 closed lower bellypan incl. Thermo folie, racing seat for gluing foam. All delivered in 2013-2014 (2015) top quality, as is our own.

Kawasaki ER6 Supertwin

Class: V-twin - 2-cylinder motorcycle to 650cc
Lightweight TT - Isle of Man
For Motorcycle: Kawasaki ER6 2006-08 (2010-)
Class / Season: Supertwin 2012 till present

This project was dedicated to the requirement to prepare a suitable and subtle aerodynamic fairing for Supertwin class, without any modifications and thus easy installation.
We have devoted special attention to designs, also because from the beginning it was obvious that the machine being saddled Michal INDI Dokoupil team Motopoint will also attend the legendary TT race on the Isle of Man. For us it was the next challenge! In winter 2013-2014, after 2 months of work was born a modern design 2-piece fairing with a modified rear part of the Honda CBR 1000 09- HRC.
With pride we can say that the field Supertwin it is undoubtedly the most beautiful motorcycle in the world and attracts attention not only to the Isle of Man TT. This fairing can of course be purchased at our shop. On the season 2016 we plan to further adjustments and such. Special version of the upper part of the team Motopoint developed specifically for the long straights at the TT.

Super Twin Motoforza Cup

Cup: Supertwin Cup CZ
Motorcycles V-twin: Kawasaki ER6,
Hysoung GT 650,
Honda GT 650 Hawk,
Yamaha MT 07,
Suzuki SFV 650 Gladius,
Suzuki SV 650
Class: 2-cylinders motorcycles to 650 cc
Motoforza support since 2012 to present

In the Czech Republic in progress from 2012 titled Supertwin class (V-Twin) stated for a two-cylinder motorcycles up to 650cc. Following the example of other countries we have the chance to compete for a relatively reasonable money. With this idea came Michal INDI Dokoupil, who was amazed about TWINS during his tenure in the British Isles. At the turn of the year 2011/12, when was organizing of this class in its infancy, and the realization was sometimes very far away, we said clearly, "Yes, we want to be there again, if there arises a new class and more opportunity for bikers how to race." Similarly at year 2006, when C.E.C. competitions have started.
After negotiations with representatives of the CSMS Motoforza has participated in this event as a sponsor in 2012 and today continues to support riders logged into this class with significant discounts to GRP fiberglass fairings up to -30% + discounts on other accessories with the first purchase.

In subsequent years, you can enjoy our support again. We staying in the racing with you !!! For newbies pays up to 30% off. For the future purchases we will support riders with 25% discount on the GRP parts and 10% for the carbon products.

For those few seasons we have gradually added to the first fairing for Suzuki SV 650 03-12 a wide range of parts suitable for other bikes in this class.
For example Yamaha MT 07, Suzuki SFV 650 Gladius, Hysoung GT650, Honda NT 650 Hawk, and of course the Kawasaki ER 6, which we have devoted special care, created for INDI and team Motopoint brand new supertwin design, which is undoubtedly the most beautiful motorcycle fairing in this class in the world and attracts attention also in the the Isle of Man TT. This fairing can of course be purchased at our shop.

Given the free hand of editing ability to the motorcycle tune up the fairings from other models. All our wide offer is at your service and imagination has no limits :)

History races: 2012-2013

1. Královédvorský circuit (Dvur Kralove nad Labem) 22. - 23.6. 2013
2. Frantisek Bartos circuit (Ostrava - Radvanice) 13. - 14. 7. 2013
3. Kopčianský high speed motorcycle circuit (Kopčany - SK) 3. - 4. 8. 2013
4. Zlatý Kahanec na Těrlickém okruhu (Těrlicko) 31. 8. – 1.9. 2013
5. Kyjovský Circuit (Kyjov) 7.-8. 9. 2013

1. RADVANICE 7-8.7.2012
2. Těrlicko 18-19.8.2012
3. Kyjov 1.-2.9.2012 and in Slovakia are in negotiations for Kopčany 20-22.7.2012

HKR - Supermono EVO1

Team: HKR Racing Team
Motorcycle: KTM 690 Supermono EVO1
Class / Season: TNT Cup / 2010-2014
Best results: 1th place
Web: www.kraemer-motorcycles.com


HKR-Racing stands for: Henco Christof, Krämer Markus Rothe Nico

Supermono fairings for this model are from KTM RC8, supplied by Motoforza exclusively to the Austrian KTM factory in Mattighofen since 2008. For the first specification Supermono EVO1 the 2010 season, which appears throughout the series Austrian KTM TNT Cup fairings suffered only minor adjustments. But for EVO3 specification for the season 2012, have been carried out extensive changes. Bodywork were radically narrowed, which contributed to better aerodynamics. The seat-rear part is content of one piece (unlike RC8) for faster installation and greater rigidity. Narrowing the bodywork optically benefit the motorcycle. Beautiful design underlining the great painting, gold painted frame and sponsor logos.

Below a little bit about the team and the entire racing HKR his "crew". Also useful information on the composition of the motorcycle and motor parameters.

HKR Racing Team: Our aim is not only going racing, it is also about the revival of a nearly lost segment, the Supermono. Check out our Team page to see what this is about and why it is worth thinking about it. KTM Sepermono - Motoforza fairings - HKR racing team Grown up on different continents, all three of us have been brought into deepest Innviertel to Mattighofen by the unconditional passion for motorcycles. Where we work in different areas for KTM Sportmotorcycles. Our passion goes far beyond our jobs and so we formed in late 2009 HKR Racing and started to develop a single cylinder race bike, implement it into reality and to go racing with it. Why a single cylinder racing motorcycle?

The special feature is the pairing of a high capacity single cylinder 4 stroke engine with a compact Superbike chassis. Major advantages of this approach are that extremely low weight, excellent handling and low acquisition and maintenance costs compared to a superbike.

The fact that I am an amateur racer I was instantly able to go faster lap times with the Supermono than I've ever done with a superbike. Despite the power differential and the lower top speed the supermono is that much faster in the corners and driving becomes so much easier. All this leads to more fun on the track more confidence to the bike and finally faster lap times. The fact that your finally able to squeeze out your race bike makes you feel like a pro racer.

Christof Henco: Is a trained product designer and is responsible for functional wear at KTM Sportmotorcycles. He grew up in Australia and was racing 4 years in the Superstock championship. In our team, he is primarily responsible for the design.

Markus Krämer: Is a Mechanical Engineer in product development. Since 2007 he is leading the KTM R&D accessory department. Through his job Markus has an excellent network of contacts out of the motorcycle industry and is instrumental in the technical development of the motorcycle involved.

Nico Rothe: Is a trained tool maker and technician in engineering. He has been with KTM since 2008 and is working as a CAD engineer in the R&D. He is responsible for the complex design of plastic parts. In our race team he is mainly in charge for the CAD work and technical development of the motorcycle.  

HKR Racing - Crew :

Sören Schliesser: Is a trained motorcycle mechanic and is working in the KTM Marketing workshop since 2009. He is technical responsible for the KTM race orange fleet.
Martin Becker: HKR Racing team photographer and entertainer. 


Frame - Chromium-Molybdenum trellis frame, powder-coated
Subframe- Chromium-Molybdenum
Fairings - Motoforza
Handlebar  - Aluminium stump handlebar
Front suspension -  WP-USD Ø 43 mm
Rear suspension - WP-Monoshock
Suspension travel front/rear - 120/140 mm
Front brake  -  2 x Brembo four piston, radial bolted caliper
Front brake disk - Ø 320 mm
Rear brake - Brembo ono piston, floating caliper
Rear brake disk - Ø 240 mm
Rims front/rear - Cast aluminium wheels 3,5 x 17"; 5 x 17"
Tires front/rear -  120/70 R 17; 160/60 R 17
Chain  - X-Ring 5/8 x 1/4"
Exhaust system - Special Akrapovic Titan underfloor exhaust system
Wheel base -  1420 mm
Tank capacity - 10 liters
Weight (no fuel) -  125 kg
Engine type  - Single cylinder, 4-stroke
Displacement - 690 cc
Bore x stroke - 102/84,5 mm
Performance - 80 hp
Max. torque - 80 Nm
Max rpm - 8700 rpm
Compression ratio - 12,5:1
Transmission - 6 gears, dog clutch engagement
Fuel Mixture Generation -  Keihin EFI with EPT (Electr. Power Throttle)
Lubrication - Pressure lubrication with 2 Eaton pumps
Primary drive - 36:79
Final drive - 16:37
Cooling -  Liquid cooled
Clutch - APTC slipper clutch, hydraulically operated
Motor Management - Keihin EMS
Air filter - K&N

Moto FGR Moto 3

Team: FGR Factory
Motorcycle Moto FGR - Moto 3
Class / Season: Grand Prix Moto 3 / 2012
Best results: 7th place
Info: Pilots: Jasper Iwema, Joseph Rodriguez
Web: www.motofgr.com


Let us briefly introduce the team MOTO FGR, who comes from the town of Usti nad Orlici in Czech Republic. Team centered around Miroslava Felgr and his sons, Lubos and Michael, was established in 2003 and started racing at International Championship of the Czech Republic with its completely developed and manufactured motorcycle FGR 125 GP constructed by Oldrich Kreuz from Vodnany. Since 2005 they participated in European Championships races and the German Championships IDM. He was also an integral part of the Alpe Adria Cup championships. In 2007, 2009 and 2010 they have successfully qualified as a wild card in the race World GP Championship in Brno.

Over the past nine seasons the team switched 15 riders who managed in 111 race to get 62 podiums, 20 wins and 4 titles.
Moto FGR at the beginning of the 2012 season:
Before us is the greatest challenge, its our tenth season, and we were accepted the invitation for the most prestigious motorcycle series, the World Motorcycle Championship - MOTO GP, which was our goal from the beginning of the project FGR!
We will be participating with FGR motorcycle, but already in a new class MOTO 3 with Honda NSF 250 R engine. To our goal, we will be helped by experienced Dutch rider Jasper Iwema, who already had three seasons in the championship.

Motoforza: We were looking forward to the start of the entire season with Moto FGR motorcycle in the MotoGP Moto3 series, we are very happy that the whole factory fulfill their longtime dream and years of hard work paid off. For Moto 3 bike, we have used the front fairing from Honda NSF 250R and the back part (seat), we used from a motoFGR 125GP, 2011 model. The fairings are manufactured in an ultra-lightweight MOTOFORZA design, Performance. Fenders of polished Carbon.

KTM 1198 RC8R Track Edition

Brand: KTM
Motorcycle: RC8/R 1190
Class : Superstock 1000

After a successful cooperation with the factory KTM on KTM 1190 RC8 model, our company received another offer of cooperation, as they say nice in Czech "be there" for the next version of fairings, thereby limited special edition for motorcycle called KTM RC8 R "TRACK EDITION".

KTM RC8 R Track Edition As the name suggests, it was a pure racing special of model 1190 RC8 / R riddled with the best technology that factory KTM to this machine could offer. This model has sold only about 175pcs, so this is a rare article. This race POWER PACK is factory homologated superstock for people who want a true racing gear, its called "Ready to Race" . Retrieved IDM Championship title in 2010 motorcycle manufacturers only confirms this potential.

On fairings ran minor design modifications and improvements based on many sold units from the basic series with a focus on simplifying installation and a little even nicer look motorcycle.

Our fairings supplied to factory KTM for this edition are based on the older model, and therefore are also applicable to the current model RC8. They are the best article on the market for this model possible can have and afford this specialty in the KTM and its dealer network to buy.
Pre-installed mounting kit incl. screws and brackets to complete fairings, painting, perfect fitting and simple installation are the preeminence this product.

Motorcycle fairing on KTM RC8, which can be purchased through your dealer KTM KTM can be found in the catalog and on the web: KTM POWER PARTS

MZ Racing Team Moto 2

Team: MZ Racing Factory
Motorcycle: MZ Moto 2
Class / Season: Grand Prix Moto 2 / 2010
Best results:  

After the project with the factory KTM comes another cooperation with the factory brand from Zschopau (Germany) MZ Motorrad-und Zweiradwerk GmbH.

MZ entered the series Moto GP - Moto 2 in 2009 after 11 years with a vision to restore the former glory of this famous brand and to promote its products. In the season 2009 MZ entered with not exactly original fairing and its execution and weight was definitely not according to their preferences.
In the upcoming year, after long scrambles MZ eventually successfully received a permission from the IRTA to launch throughout the series and that with two pilots Anthony West and Max Neukirchner (previously sponsored by Motoforza in the class moto GP 250cc).

There was made a decision about a new design and the company Motoforza was involved in the project and the production of new parts.

Futuristic and fierce fairing appearance on machines of the pilots in an ultra lightweight design Motoforza - K-K Performance

KTM 1190 RC8 Superstock

Team: KTM Factory Team
Motorcycle: RC8 1190 Superstock
Class / Season: STT 1000 / 2009
Best results:  

Maybe not many people know that fairings on a new "racing" KTM RC8 have already been made ​​in CR. Are you asking how did it happen? In the year 2007 we got a Christmas gift in the form of an interesting offer to cooperate on a new project KTM RC8 (Superbike). What else than the production of fairings. It was a challenge that could not be refused. After the New Year the factory KTM decided just for us. We were selected from several companies in Europe, and we are honored to be able to participate on this project and the beautiful "bike".

KTM RC8 - Motoforza fairing In the year 2008 factory KTM entered the World Cup Superstock 1000. For the start of season factory team prepared one machine with rider Andy Maer and in the course of time added a second machine piloted by Finnish driver Pekkanen …. Although the season did not go according to their vision, but every beginning is hard and you could see that KTM is able to solve the problems and during the season they got good results and valuable points in continuous classification. We are looking forward to the new season and maybe in the future we will see the team in the field of superbike which would be very nice variegation of the premier class. We keep our fingers crossed for everybody in the KTM.

Motorcycle fairings for KTM RC8, which you can also purchase through your KTM dealer, you can find in KTM catalog and on the Web: KTM POWER PARTS

Moto FGR GP 125cc

Team: FGR factory
Motorcycle: Moto FGR 125cc
Class / Season: 125cc, 2004-2011
Best results:  
Web: www.motofgr.com


Project is dedicated purely to Czech motorcycle MOTO FGR 125 GP. It is our great pleasure to be able to create design for this wonderful machine and manufacture fairings for already several seasons and resulted in a sensational participation in the MotoGP category Moto 3 in 2012.

Moto FGR 125 is a Czech motorcycle, which was originated from the passion of Mr. Miroslav Felgr from Usti nad Orlicí in 2002. The technical solution was proposed by Mr. Ulrich Kreuz. The first two models saw the light of day in 2003 and in the first season the stable FGR ranked second place in the International Championship of the Czech Republic. In 2004, the motorcycle was equipped with a swinging fork and tubular frame FGR and Motoforza fairings.

For the stable FGR in the 2006 season we built a new modern fairing and the motorcycle even got a new color design. Other years are marked by minor design changes, particularly through the use of new components on the bike. Years 2009-2011 brought many innovations to the lower part and the seat.

Further information about motorcycle on the WWW.MOTOFGR.COM

Suzuki GS Yoshimura Endurance

Motorcycle: Suzuki GS 1100 EF 1984
Conversion: to GS Yoshimura Endurance
Owner: Jiri H.

The basis of this reconstruction is a motorcycle Suzuki GSX 1100 EF from 1984.

Owner's words: I bought a motorcycle in August 2011 it has been slightly modified from the original, but otherwise relatively in good condition. Seller managed to do even STL before the sale. I did not want to rush anything, and so I said that until the end of the year ill ride on the motorcycle, like it was and I ll figure out what to do. I was totally thrilled about the engine, I knew about this engine a lot from the literature, but the reality exceeded all my expectations. Unreal thrust and after fifth gear is not necessary to change another one at all. Possible undershift and subsequently throttle evokes a very nice feelings. The end of the testing was caused by clutch failure. So there was a classical complete disassembly of the whole motorcycle, the first operation before starting any treatment or rebuild.

One of the main objectives was a maximum weight reduction. So everything unnecessary has been stored into the boxes, I ve slightly trimmed the frame from unnecessary brackets and the subframe was shortened. Followed by sanding and for some people unacceptable paint with matte black comaxit. An exchange bearings in the linkage, swingarm and neck control. It also exchanged bearings in the wheels and chain set with a different ratio. Followed by a required overhaul of brake calipers and brake pump repas. Pressure sensors used for the brake lights. Of course there are armored hoses. New oil, Elf W20 and oil seals in the front fork. On the engine there was only exchanged of the entire clutch , that means clutch basket (where was defective a wagering central jamb) All blades and new springs. Otherwise, there was anything on the engine and transmission which needed to be replaced. The engine has only about at 65t km. The inspiration for the rebuild of the bike was Suzuki GSX 1100 from the Yoshimura company for endurance race type. The next step was to call to the founder of MOTOFORZA company and longtime friend Zdenek Sykora senior. Although he retired, not the company, he still has so much work that I've had quite a long break until finally he said "pack it and bring it to me."

It was won. I knew that in terms of appearance Suzuki will be in the best hands. He worked on it on it for almost a month, but I think the result was totaly worth it. I drove a magnificent front fender, front fairing with mounted plexiglass and seat.

But I had no idea what awaits me in the subsequent assembly and production of the necessary brackets and scaffolding. Hours, which I spend on it, that can imagine only the person who's ever made something similar. So I was barely managed it after a few attempts. Also front lights. Originally there was a lense asymmetrically positioned to the right. This year, it was replaced for two round lights. Production of the holders for these lights was also though, it does require a bit of thinking and studying contemporary materials. The handlebars also succeeded at the second attempt, I originally bought Fehlings for the front fork, but after the first year they was replaced by a fully adjustable Tomaselli – I have a little bit bad right elbow, so I have to set each handlebar to a little different angle. know that for the right SUZUKI, there belongs a Yoshimura exhaust, I ve used (even from financial reasons) the original, period 4-1 Marving racing exhaus, including drains and removable cushioning pad. Along with the removed air box it has made exhaust performance for more than satisfactory. Painting procured friend painter Vilda. Lines, starting numbers and inscriptions are mere labels under the varnish. Even so, thanks for the hospitality of Motolepo company which prepaired everything. Rear set is part of the PP tuning, partially own production, aluminum base plate made me Wapík local colleague (thanks again).

When weighing, I found a very nice weight loss of about 30 kg, bike with fillings weighs about 200 kg. Tires are prescribed dimensions, front Pirrelli Sport Demon 110/90 R16, rear 130/90 R17 Dunlop Arrowmax. Oil filling is about 6 liters - motor is air and oil-cooled, I ve used Bel Ray 15W – 50 oil. Spark plugs Denso was used. A separate chapter was the setting of the chassis - motorcycle has adjustable suspension both front and rear and re-jeting carburators. For shortening the wheel base there is slightly tempered front fork in glasses. The motorcycle is a very comfortable to ride after the weight reduction, the brakes are also slightly. Although on the other hand, 24hours race, Is probably impossible for me. Those guys who ride it have my admiration.


JAWA 350 4-cylinder, 2-cycle TYP 673

Motoforza company had in its production program the fairings, seats, fenders and fuel tanks for racing motorcycles JAWA 250 OHC JAWA 350 OHC respectively. CKB 350 r. 1959-1961 production, as well as Junior 250 - "banana" JAWA 250 and 350 single-cylinder tubular frame. Based on the recommendation of a 20-time national champion Bohumil Stasa, with whom MOTOFORZA company founder Zdenek Sykora senior collaborated, managed to get all the means of production (relating to the manufacture of fiberglass parts, ie. As well as wooden scale models of fuel tanks, etc.) from racing department JAWA - Strašnice and give them a new look.

This started beside the 4-stroke models Junior 250, 250 twin engine, Project JAWA 4-cylinder 2-stroke. Several fairings were custom made, fuel tanks and seats. There is only four of these machines in the world. Using the best materials, the production of new molds and usage of the latest technological procedures the products were of high quality and diametrically differed from those of 70-90 years. Especially the new production process of the fuel tank has began PROJECT JAWA V4. Currently, the company uses this process for all fuel tanks, which the company has in the production program. This process was also applied to the production of older models as well as the latest racing motorcycle JAWA 2-cylinder "slide" from 1974-76. Motorcycle Jawa 4-cylinder 2-stroke, which was thanks to its designer mr. Tichy and riders Stastny and Ivy in 1969-1970 fastest in the world and got ahead of its  time at least 10-12 years. Unfortunately, the death of Bill Ivy "practically" ended the development of the absolutely fastest Czechoslovakian motorcycle.

This gem was joined by the Czechoslovak motorcycle čz v4 350 - CZ 420 and CZ 500 V4 which manufacturing  MOTOFORZA company couldn’t  miss !!  The complete production of fairings and front fender scale model. The following molds  production are currently used for Bohumil Stasa CZ 350 420 350 ACZ v4 1 cylinder in Motoforza company. Development of the CZ 500 v4 fairing was completed in 2010 and rider Vratislav Hromádko ordered dozens of pieces of bodywork CZ 500 as well as CZ 350 1-cylinder, including seats. About the project of CZ 350 and 500 you can read very soon in next project.

Benelli 500cc Replika Pasolini 1968

Motorcycle: Benelli 500
Owner: Zdenek Sykora sen.

A replica of the GP machine, which was seated by Renzo Pasolini and in 1968 with him occupied the 12th place overall in the World Championship.

Technical data: 
75 HP
12800 spin/min

CZ 350,500cc 1968-1969

Motorcycle: CZ 350 CZ typ 860 500cc specification V4
Owner: Vlastimil Hromadko
Info: CZ 500cc vychází z 350 1965, konstukčně je to dílo ing. Františka Pudila, který udal podobu tohoto stroje. S ČZ 500 V4 dokázal Bohumil Staša získat 2.místo ve velké cene Brna roku 1972 za vítězem Jarno Saarinenen na Yamaze. Přestože bylo vládou nařízeno zničení těchto strojů, zbylo několik továrních dílů, ze kterých byl tento stroj postaven a díky precizní práci a péči je v podstatě lepší než původní tovární verze.

CZ type 860 500cc V4 Specifications

  • Engine – Air cooled 90deg V four DOHC
  • Capacity – 418cc
  • Bore/stroke – 55 x 44mm
  • Power – 72bhp @ 13600rpm
  • Torque – 27ft-lb @ 10000rpm
  • Carburation – 28mm Dell’Ortos
  • Transmission – 6-Speed dry clutch chain final drive
  • Frame – Steel Tube
  • Suspension – 36mm Ceriani telescopic forks, CZ rear shocks
  • Brakes – 230mm 4-leading shoe drum, 200mm Oldani drum
  • Wheels – 3.00 x 18 3.25 x 18
  • Weight – 142kgs
  • Top speed – 162mph
  • Wheelbase – 1400mm
  • Fuel capacity – 20lts

World Fastest Monkey

Pilot: Ivo Kastan
Motorcycle: Honda Monkey 175 Replica
Class / Year: Partly faired machine to 175cc / 2009
Best results: The world's first managed to conquer 100 miles per hour
Place: Salt lake Bonneville, USA

Another project of Ivo Kastan - The World's Fastest Monkey - has a seat, a small front fender and table for number of our production. Ivo Kastan holds the record of 2009 in the battles of records at the salt lake Bonneville, where as the world's first managed to beat 100 miles per hour on the machine Honda Monkey 175 Replica in class partially faired machines to 175cc. This achieved result can not be taken other way than as a huge success!!

Check Video of this project here

Dakar 2005-2007 - Kastan

Team: GAULOISES international
Pilot: Ivo Kastan
Motorcycle: KTM 450 a Suzuki DRZ 450
Competition: Rally Dakar 2005-2007

In 1996 he started as an amateur, in the years 2004 - 2007 he started as a professional in the prestigious French team GAULOISES international.

Triumph 900 Tiger - Dakar

Team: Triumph Racing Team
Pilot: Ivo Kastan
Motorcycle: Triumph Tiger 900cc
Competition: Rallye Paris - Granada - Dakar 1998

In 1998 work on parts for the machine of Ivo Kastan (Triumph Tiger 900). Ivo Kastan started with this machine at the legendary "Dakar" and as the only 3-cylinder, which has ever started on Dakar aroused enormous interest. Kastan, had to unfortunately say goodbye to race when the organizers moved for reasons unknown place to refuel and keep him out of fuel. He did not manage race goals in a planned limit and resigned from the competition (actually a mistake of the organizers).

This unique piece is now at the National Motorcycle Technology Museum in Prague and was also exhibited in the museum in the U.S.

CMN Prospeed Cup

Cup: CMN Prospeed Cup
For motorcycles: various, especially 600cc, 1000cc
Category: Perfection, Intensiv, Race perfection, Race
Classes: Power Bike, Sportbike, Others
Web: www.pro-speed.cz


Project dedicated to driving on the racetrack at different ability groups with short races or just trainings organized by agency Prospeed. Motoforza's goal is to promote and deliver benefits to both novice and experienced riders as it has been since the early 70's until now. Since 2009, the company Motoforza participates as an official sponsor of this event and brings out other valuable prizes and benefits for participants.

Perfection :
This training basically focuses on sports and racing riders who are interested in free riding rather than racing itself.

Intensiv : This training helps already experienced riders to faster times on the track. For beginners and uncertain rider is this training completely excluded.

Race Perfection: This training focuses on sports and racing riders who don’t want to ride just freely, but are interested in participating in short races. Only performance groups always ride the race-perfection.

Race : A condition of participation in this race event is a sufficient experience of racing on the track.
Further information about the series WWW.PRO-SPEED.CZ

C.E.C. - Czech Endurance Cup

Cup: Czech Endurance Cup
Type of event: Training / Endurance races
Category: Czech Endurance Cup, Czech Endurance cup 2, Cec600, Cec1000 and more
Classes: especially 600-1000cc
Web: www.ivracing.cz


Project, which is dedicated to the endurance races for hobby and racing drivers. Motoforza's goal is to promote and deliver benefits to both novice and experienced riders as it has been since the early 70's until now. Since 2007, the company Motoforza participates as an official sponsor of this event and brings out other valuable prizes and benefits for participants.

Czech Endurance Cup - is a series of races organized by IVRacing, which takes place in several European circuits and is an excellent option how to fully ride in the circuit, train and experience the atmosphere of the race.

IVracing also organizes a series of races Czech Endurance Cup 2, which opens to amateur riders and hobby riders who have never owned a circuit motorcycle racing license and racing teams, which were not placed on the podium in the race Czech Endurance Cup in the passed seasons.

Honda CRX II.gen 88-91 Racing

Brand: Honda
Model: CRX II. gen 1989-1991
Type of Chassis: ED9 1989

1,6L VTEC  1991

Season/ Class:  2015 / Amateur CUP CZ, 1600cc
Weight:  820 Kg


This unique product of its components is a very rare Model CRX II.Gen, a kind of lightweight body ED9.

Composite products:

Carbon fiber hood racing Motoforza
Carbon fiber rear wing GTR
Carbon sunroof Motoforza with air intake
Carbon fiber under spoiler Motoforza
Carbon fiber door trims Motoforza
Kevlar-Carbon door panels Motoforza
Kevlar-Carbon rear and front spoiler Motoforza
Kevlar-Carbon panels instead of spotlight
Carbon Racing dashboard Motoforza
Carbon Racing Tunnel + Control Panel Motoforza
Carbon coated mirror Sport
Carbon coated strips to the window pillars

GRP Recaro racing seats
GRP front fenders
GRP doors
GRP rear doors Carbon coated
Polycarbonate rear and side windows


Skunk Cat back system
Skunk Headers 4: 2: 1
Skunk suspension Sport II
Skunk 1/2 Radiator

EBC discs and pads EBC RED
Airflow intake - Filter K & N
Additional instruments

Racing Wheel with racing hub
3-point belts OMP
Racing Tank-ALU 20L
Racing frame

Pneu slick: TIP TYRE slick 190 / 55R15
Pneu semi-slick: Federal SS595 205 / 55R15

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