Aprilia RSV4/R Factory 2021-2023

The new Aprilia RSV4, as the flagship of the brand, is in the sights of a large number of fans. With 2021, it had to respond to the stricter Euro 5 emission standard, which often results in reduced engine performance due to stricter emissions. And because of the greater number of catalysts.

Aprilia responded to this fact by saying that it does not intend to bring lower performance to customers with the new model. And that's why it increased the volume of the engine from the original 1077 cubic meters to 1099. The traditional V4 engine with a cylinder compression angle of 65° has a DOHC distribution, four cams and 16 valves. Despite the tighter exhaust system, it offers customers 217 horsepower (the same as last year's RSV4 1100 Factory) and according to Aprilia, the higher cylinder capacity will bring higher torque.

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