APRILIA Tuono V4 1100 2021- conversion to Aprilia RSV 4 2021-

APRILIA TUONO V4 1100 2021+
conversion to Aprilia RSV 4 21+

Fairings Motoforza in generall

Beautiful design and sophisticated fairings in every detail, these are Motoforza fairings of the new generation. They are created on the basis of new innovations and developments in technologies since 2010, using the experience of working with composites for over 30 years.

Even though the new models are increasingly complex to develop and manufacture, they are designed for as simple assembly and functionality as possible, and at the same time low weight. They are flexible, made of the highest quality composite materials with the last layer of fabric and kevlar-carbon reinforcements in stressed areas, thanks to which the parts have excellent durability and resistance. All of this meets the highest requirements of you, our customers, whether on the field of world championships, hobby racing or on the road.

We deliver in several material designs and in different product versions.

Most parts use original mounting brackets and mounting points are clearly indicated. On request, it is possible to pre-install a quick-fasteners system with screws into the fairings.

Main features of the Motoforza fairings APRILIA Tuono V4 1100 2021-

RARITY, we are the only ones offering this conversion set. WSBK predatory design. Dress up your touring Tuono in the RSV 4 21- and go to the circuit !

versions: GRP-fibreglass, GRP-Racing, Performance.

For composite production, individual parts are usually simplified during development, Motoforza pays attention to the elaborate design of the parts, very similar to the original one in order to preserve the unique identity and aerodynamics of the motorcycle.

  • Functionality and flexibility - precisely manufactured and connected layers of laminate composite. The parts are flexible for easier assembly.
  • Durability - reinforced with Kevlar-Carbon reinforcements in the places of connections and mounting brackets. Extra reinforced with additional layers in stressed areas. The individual parts are designed with a design edge, which also increases the durability and resistance of the parts to cracks and bending when heated (e.g. from the heat of the exhaust).
  • Installation - parts use original mounting brackets. To connect the upper part with the lower part you need only 4pc (quick-clamping-bayonet) screws with rivet counters are needed. We recommend the D-ring type for easy handling. However, the offer also includes Allen screws. Our fairings for the Aprilia RSV 4 are developed for the installation of both - riveted (photo 5) and clip-on (photo 6) counter parts in pre-prepared places in the fairing.

Aprilia RSV 4 1100 2021+ kapotáž Motoforza

Fairings parts:

Fairings Motoforza APRILIA Tuono V4 1100 2021+ conversion to model RSV4 21+.
Fairing parts have edges for better durability and strength. 

With this 8-piece set, you can easily turn your Tuono into a racing Superbike. 
Simple installation.

The set includes:

1x Racing Upper part - big part
1x Plexiglas Puig racing - clear incl. screws
1x Winglet Left
1x Winglet Right
1x Racing lower part
1x Racing seat closed for foam seat
1x Tank cover
1x Racing airducts - pair
1x Front bracket holder racing conversion RSV 4 21-
1x Pre-installed D ring quick release screws.
2x Drain plug
1x Mounting brackets

UPPER PART can only be used with Motoforza racing screen/windshield, for Tuono V4/RSV 4 conversion fairing 21-

RACING SCREEN - raised doubble bubble - clear - is part of the supplied set

Replicas of SBK headlights can be glued to the top part.

UPPER PART is designed to work with raised original Tuono handlebars and in such a way that the air flows to the radiator as best as possible and cools the motorcycle better. No need to install something more !  Easy and functional.  Easy assembly and disassembly during races thanks to the 1-piece version of the upper part. It features a unique design that honors the factory lines.

Only 4 (quick-fasteners) bolts are needed to connect the upper part and the lower part. (usually 6-8 pcs for similar models)

PRESSURE WINGLETS designed for smooth air flow and perfect air pressure. We deliver this pair of winglets already pre-installed in the upper part, which does not need to be removed during uninstallation the upper part. It will save you lot of time! We also offer winglets in real Carbon design.

Conversion SBK racing AIRDUCTS for better air intake = increasing power 2-4 HP are part of the set.

LOWER PART  - fits for racing or original exhaust with catalyst.
According to the rules, it can hold 4 liters of oil, drain plug installed. Lower part also works with side kick stand.

SEAT - REAR PART - designed for use with racing Motoforza adhesive foam, it is 1 piece, the beautiful design of this part stands out with sharp lines.
Fits with original and racing Motoholders racing rear frame.
The seat has a place for a GoPro camera holder etc.

FRONT FENDER - We offer the front fender in 2 variants, version 1 and version 2.

ENGINE COVERS - We offer the clutch cover in 2 SBK variants - a shortened version for better engine cooling, or a full (extended version).

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