Chrom Headlamp Headlight 5 3/4 inch - Cafe Racer 146mm


Code: S-222021|FHEL

Price without VAT: 61,00 

  • Diameter 146 mm 5 3/4 inch
  • outside diameter 155 mm, depth 90 mm
  • H4 insert 12V 60/55 Watt, side mounting, with parking light
  • Clear prismatic glass reflector - better dispersion of light!
  • Suitable especially for Clasic bikes and Cafe Racer (Honda, Yamaha, etc.) where is not possible mount bigger 7inch headlight.

Installation or Technical notes :

  • Projector has EU homologation
  • Fits to projector holder ID: (U-DLAMP)
  • Material  - Metal
  • This projector IS possible mount e.g. to fairings OH250-K) a (OH750-K) (OBE250-K), (OY250V-K72) etc..


Installation of Projectors (lights) :

  • Change your road version of the upper part and take the advantage of our installation projectors (lights) to our fairings.
  • Original and rapid appearance of your motorcycle
  • About 50% less cost of acquisition over the entire reconstruction than of the original replacement of broken headlight.
  • Choose from several types of projectors (lights), a variable location in the fairing of your choice.

How to order the installation?

1. Order selected types of :

a) projectors and installation of holders in our Eshop.

b) installation of head lamp brackets (U-DLAMP) , (U-DIEBR for projectors without holders, holders here : (EIBR38-84)

2. Order or deliver to us a part in which you want to install.

3. Send us a sketch of the approximate location of the projector if you need

Do you need advice on choosing?

  • Of course you can consult your selection with us.
  • We'll try to pick the best location, type and number of projector for your fairing / part.

Materials / design


Your questions

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