Foam TYPE C - pad to the seat

Foam seat - Neoprene - Motoforza EVO3

Code: GTC|F

Price without VAT: 11,57 

  • Typ C 150x90x20  in mm
  • Foam pad to the seat

Installation or Technical Notes :

  • Preinstalled glue
  • Excellent flexibility to absorb vibrations.
  • Resistant to oils and tear, low water absorption.
  • The foam can be adjusted to the desired shape using a sharp cutting knife

MOTOFORZA Recommendations

  • The Installaton guide is to be found in the Technic section - Installation Guide


Materials / design

Foam seat - Neoprene - Motoforza EVO3

Thickness 12mm, self-adhesive, soft-flexible. Prepared shape of the rounded edge. TOP quality.

Neoprene foam for use with racing closed seat or GRP Polster.

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