Yamaha YZF R-1 2015-2019Front Bracket Racing with Airduct racing SBK - SET

Yamaha YZF R-1 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019


Code: Y1-DNCS15|ALGB

Price without VAT: 153,20 

Front Bracket Racing with Airduct racing SBK - SET contains:

Fits with racing airducts Motoforza ID: (Y1-515) or (Y1-5215)

  • Serves as a tachometer holder as well as an upper part holder (especially for racing use)
  • Its cca about 30-50% cheaper than original front bracket.
  • Its made from duralumin and the surface is coated by black paint.
  • Design is light and strong, so as to meet the needs of racing.

Set includes :

  • Airduct racing version 2 - GRP coloured - black - RAL 9005
  • Front bracket
  • Quick Fasteners (D-ring with washers.

Materials / design



Duralaluminium front bracket Forzaholders + Racing Airduct GRP-coloured black. Dural material combines low weight and strength. This material is used for racing tachometer brackets and rear sub frames. They are lighter than original parts and have a lower purchase price. Finished with black lacquer, which does not change over time.
Why buy DURAL Motoforza Parts? Unlike the fragile original, high toughness. There is less risk of total destruction if the motorcycle falls. The original disintegrates without repair. Duralumin part can usually "straighten" and finish after repair racing weekend.
Why GRP - colored fiberglass? - Nice polished parts, for those who want to save for the paintjob if they fit accessory in black. After hitting with for example Gravel, the part remains black of the damaged place.


  • Easy installation by exchange for original front bracket.

Installation instructions, hints, tips for installation found here >>>

Technical specifications

  • The front bracket is for use with original instruments (tachometer).
  • Unlike fragile original high toughness.
  • When the fall of the motorcycle have a lower risk of total destruction. Mostly it can be straighten and finish the weekend after repair.

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