Installation holders for projector / light



Price without VAT: 49,00 

  • Installation laminating - 1pc of projector holder
  • For installation is necessary order also proper holder for  projector :
    38mm - (EIBR38) - suitable for projectors - diameter 38mm
    50mm - (
    EIBR50) - suitable for projectors - diameter  50mm
    84mm - (
    EIBR84) - suitable for projectors - diameter  60mm
    105mm - (EIBR105) - suitable for headlights - diameter 100-102mm

Available options for placing the projector holder :

a) CENTER ( 1-7,9)

b) LEFT (from rider sight)

c) RIGHT (from rider sight)

d) LEFT, RIGHT  ( 8, 13-19)

(available combinations holders : 1x50-1x38, 1x50-1x84)

e) CASCADE 2x50  (img.č.:10, 23-24)

(available combinations holders : 1x50-1x38, 1x50-1x84)

f) TRIANGLE 3x50 (Img. 11-12)

(available combinations holders : 1x50-2x38, 2x50-1x38)

More installation previews in our gallery here >>>

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