Moto FGR 125 GP 2009-2011Lower part

Moto FGR 125 GP 2009 2010 2011


Code: RF0-2S09

Price without VAT: 119,83 

  • High quality durable product proved by the best riders and teams.
  • Flexible for easy installation.
  • Kevlar-carbon reinforced mounting areas to provide exceptional strength.
  • Finish is smooth, pin-hole free.
  • Our fairings have a white gel-coat that can be sanded, primed and painted or sanded and painted immediately, in an emergency.
  • Use stock mounting points and most parts have drilling points clearly indicated on the fairing.
  • According to the requirements of elit teams, we provide these fairings in light version "Racing GFK" or in  version "Performance" = Kevlar-Carbon or Carbon.
  • More about "Racing GFK" or "Performance".

Installation or Technical Notes :

  • 6 Quick Fasteners are required to connect the lower part to the upper part - big.
  • All racing lowers / Oil sumps follow the technical rules and can hold 4L/4QT of oil.

Carbon or Kevlar-Carbon finish :

  • Constancy of carbon is guaranteed. UV protected for non-fading and hi-gloss look - by all our carbon products.

MOTOFORZA Recommendations :

  • Quick Fasteners with D-Ring for easy and quick installation or uninstallation.
  • Thermal Folie - Protects your lower part from exhaust header heat discoloration. Don't let your carbon fiber or expensive paint job get


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