Quick fasteners D-ring - clip on

Rychloupínací šroub


Price without VAT: 4,13 

  • Quick fastener set - silver Steel - Zinc
  • For quick assembly and disassembly of parts.

1set contains :

  • 1x screw wtih D-ring
  • 1x counter part - clip on
  • 1x washer
MOTOFORZA recommends :
3-piece set
  • To connect the upper and lower part commonly recommend: 4-8 pieces
4-piece set
  • To connect the upper part of the lateral parts normally recommend 6-8 pieces
5-piece set
  • To connect the upper part, side parts and oil pan normally recommend 10 to 14 pieces.
note : Recommended number of screws may differ depending on the model of motorcycle.

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